Ways to Give


We will soon have secure deposit boxes on Sundays available for you to drop off your physical gifts.


We recommend online giving which can be done through our secure giving portal below.


Checks can also be mailed to:

803 Francis St

Longmont CO 80501

Why We Give

Despite our tendency to avoid the topic, nearly one quarter of Jesus’ teaching was about money. Although treasure is morally neutral, what we do with it reveals something much deeper — what’s in our hearts (Matthew 6:21). The Lord owns everything and we are merely stewards of his things (1 Chronicles 29:14). Giving financially to the work of the church out of our “firstfruits” is both a renunciation of greed and also a profession that all we’ve been given is given to us by God and is to be used for his purposes. And so we give as an act of worship in response to God’s immense generosity and beautiful gospel.

Giving FAQs

If you want to explore giving in more detail, we’re here for you. Whether you’re interested in stewarding your finances, growing in joyful generosity, or learning the teachings of Jesus, we’d love to talk.

Is there a preferred way to give?

For most people, the preferred way to give is recurring bank transfers. This avoids the transaction fees (almost entirely) and gives the church a more stable understanding of monthly giving.

If you would like assistance giving stocks, bonds, or out of a donor-advised fund, please contact Adam Argo at

Are there transaction fees to give online?

Yes, there is a transaction fee. You can minimize this fee by giving via bank transfer instead of using a credit card, or you can choose to cover the additional transaction cost yourself. As of 2022, the costs are:

  • 2.15% + $0.30/donation for credit and debit card donations
  • 0% + $0.25 per ACH bank transfer donation
Is online giving secure?

Our giving platform, Planning Center Online, uses industry standard security practices as well as Stripe to facilitate transactions. See more details on security here.

Can my business support Redeemer Longmont?

Absolutely! Contact Adam Argo ( to talk more about this.

Can I support God’s work at Redeemer Longmont even if I don’t attend?

Certainly! We have supporters from across the country praying for us and contributing financially to these initial years of launching. For more info, see our external support page.

A Liturgy for Giving

Generous God,

You are the giver of all good things

And oh how much you have given us!

We pause to remember how all we are and all we have

Is graciously from you and for you.

Take a moment to remember

Make us ever more generous with our treasures, talents, and time

That we may be more like you.

Use this gift to bless our church and city

For the glory of your name.

Through Jesus we give and pray.


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